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Driving Change: Empowering Leaders to Champion 劳动力中的健康公平

Uncover how health inequities drive billions in annual U.S. 医疗保健支出, 与社会, economic and environmental factors influencing up to 80 percent of health outcomes. Explore the root causes of health inequities within the workforce and discover strategies to help drive change within your organization. Gain insights into the 10 employer-led approaches vetted by leaders and learn how to implement them effectively to foster a culture of equity and well-being. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite a movement towards a healthier, 给你的团队更公平的未来!


2:00 p.m. 美国东部沙巴足球体育平台


幸福更有效 helps business leaders promote health and well-being for all, 基于最新的科学.

作为这个平台的一部分, our 幸福更有效 Scorecard illuminates how your company’s efforts on workforce well-being compare to peer organizations.

This will help your company grow stronger. And your organization will be recognized by the 美国心脏协会, a trusted thought leader in the field of workforce well-being.

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Empowering Leaders To Prioritize Employee Health

成为福布斯的新焦点, AHA celebrates companies committed to the health and well-being of their workforce and shares key insights from three executives.

The 美国心脏协会 applauds the 幸福更有效 Scorecard organizations below for their commitment to building a culture of health and well-being.


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Get monthly tools and resources to help your company succeed and employees thrive.

Moving the Workforce from Burnout to Belonging

"Mental Health Month in May is an opportunity to shine a light on the role work plays in the nation’s mental well-being and how business leaders can make intentional changes to keep their workforce healthy and their business thriving.” ——爱德华多·桑切斯.D., M.P.H., FAHA, 美国心脏协会’s Chief Medical Officer



Face to Face with Employee Burnout (PDF)

Burnout to Belonging | The Business Journal

Moving the Workforce from Burnout to Belonging


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幸福更有效 has the tools you need to lead – all in one place.



Want to promote workforce well-being? 使用这些现成的分享材料.

Driving 劳动力中的健康公平

Research shows that promoting health equity can benefit employee health and productivity and reduce health care costs. Employers can help drive health equity progress nationwide by prioritizing actions that reduce inequities – benefitting employees, their families and their communities. See our new initiative with the Deloitte Health Equity Institute and the SHRM Foundation.

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劳动力中的健康公平 Employer Resource Guide

The 劳动力中的健康公平 Employer Resource Guide provides employers with an actionable blueprint to address health inequities and positively impact the health of their workforce. 有详细的指导, 经济的见解, 以及衡量进展的方法, the guide gives business leaders tools to build an employee-centric, equity-minded culture of health and well-being.



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