Chronic kidney disease may signal higher risk of cardiac arrest in Hispanic adults


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Chronic kidney disease may be a strong risk factor for cardiac arrest in Hispanic adults, 一项新的研究发现.

这项研究周三发表在《沙巴体育平台点击进入》杂志上 美国心脏协会杂志, 也建议大量饮酒, 一种叫做心房颤动的不规则心跳, heart disease and stroke may lead to a higher risk of cardiac arrest among Hispanic and Latino adults.

“心脏骤停的死亡率超过90%, making prediction and prevention of this condition a top priority," Dr. Kyndaron Reinier, the study's lead author, said in a news release. Reinier is associate director for epidemiology in the Center for Cardiac Arrest Prevention at the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai Health System in Los Angeles.

Early detection and management of chronic kidney disease may reduce the risk of cardiac arrest among Hispanic people, 她说.

Researchers compared a group of 295 Hispanic adults who had cardiac arrest between February 2015 and January 2021 to a group of 590 Hispanic adults who had not experienced one. The first group was drawn from the Prediction of Sudden Death in Multi-Ethnic Communities study, 或者很快, 专门追踪文图拉县的心脏骤停幸存者, 加州. Participants in the comparison group came from the San Diego site of the Hispanic Community Health Survey/Study of Latinos, 一项正在进行的关于美国西班牙裔人健康的研究.S.

心脏骤停的成年人, 51% had previously been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, 20%的人患有需要透析的终末期肾病.

The study also examined the odds for each group to have certain medical conditions. 心脏骤停组有7例.3 times higher odds of having chronic kidney disease than their counterparts in the comparison group. 赔率是4.5 times higher for heavy drinkers; four times higher for those with AFib; three times higher for those with coronary heart disease or a history of stroke; 2.5 times higher in those with heart failure; and 1.而2型糖尿病患者则高出5倍.

心脏骤停, the sudden loss of heart function in someone with or without heart disease, 原因估计为436,在美国,每年约有1000人死亡.S. 根据美国心脏协会的数据.

Researchers said the study may be the first to evaluate predictors of cardiac arrest among Hispanic people. But they said there may be unmeasured differences between the groups that the study could not consider. 也, because the study included adults of mostly Mexican heritage who lived in Southern 加州, 这一发现可能并不适用于所有西班牙裔人, 研究人员说.

"We hope other researchers try to replicate our findings in different populations," Dr. 苏密特年代. 丘格, study co-author and director of the Center for Cardiac Arrest Prevention at Smidt, 在沙巴足球体育平台稿中说. "We would like to compare risk predictors for sudden cardiac arrest in all individuals to determine whether ethnicity-specific prevention or treatment measures are needed."


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