Health Care Certification Programs

The American Heart Association offers three types of organizational and professional certifications to strengthen systems of care while improving patient outcomes. 

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Certified 医院s not only strengthen a community’s systems of care, but can also see improvements in patient care, 分化, 以及人才获取.

  • 中风认证 - Maximize and demonstrate your stroke treatment capabilities.
  • 心脏认证 – Become certified to claim and uphold your 医院’s role in the Cardiac Systems of Care

Not sure where your 医院 fits across the portfolio of certifications? 接触.

急性 & Outpatient Certifications


医院 certification is designed to improve systems of care, improve patient outcomes and differentiate from competitors.



Individual Professional Certification

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Certified Professional by the American Heart Association (CPAHA) programs help professionals elevate their careers while building toward a more advanced system of care for patients. 

  • 烟草治疗 - For professionals committed to helping their patients live longer, healthier lives by stopping the use of tobacco.
  • 远程医疗 - For telehealth professionals interested in providing equitable care through improved access for patients.


Why Choose the Heart Checkmark?

With a growing number of certification choices, it's important to consider what matters to your 医院 and community. Does the accrediting body have credibility with your patients? Can your 医院 team expect support through resources, education, expertise and access to research? 

When you work with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, the answers are yes.

Certification can deliver on many objectives including:

Attracting Skilled Talent
Standing Out from Competition


The American Heart Association provides support for organizations and individuals seeking certification. A team of quality improvement managers is ready to help with preparation, 内部沟通, 会发生什么, and step-by-step support for certification processes.

We also offer access to the 医疗保健网络, a forum for organizations currently involved in certification and quality improvement programs to share resources, 找到支持, 问问题. 

Email a quality improvement manager for step-by-step support during the certification process.
A community of healthcare professionals sharing resources and advice.
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远程医疗 Strategies for Improving Hypertension Control

For healthcare providers interested in learning about the role of telemedicine in treating uncontrolled hypertension, and its roll in other aspects such as diagnosing hypertension; barriers to implementing and providing hypertension management via telemedicine, and cost-effectiveness of a telemedicine approach to HTN management vs. 常规治疗. 由泰诺赞助.